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Raw Honey

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Raw Organic Honey – Pure Food is Medicine
* Natural Energy Source
* High in Antioxidants
* Promotes Weight Management
* Immune system booster
* A proven natural sleep aid
* Natural antibiotic and wound healer
Why is Kapilashri’s honey called “raw” and not “pure”?
The most common labelling on honey packaging is ‘Pure honey’, which is contrary to the understanding of the common man of purity. ‘Pure’ in the common understanding means that it is something untouched and raw. However, in the honey industry the term ‘pure’ means that the honey has been heated and undergone several processes of filtering. Ayurveda and science knows that heating honey above 42°C destroys precious enzymes and nutrients in the honey. The filtering of the honey removes all leftovers of bee-pollen, which are very beneficial for health and even sold separately by some beekeepers because of its value. That is why KAPILASHRI’s honey is raw, unheated and unprocessed (nothing added or removed) in any way, so that you gain the maximum benefits from it.
Why does Kapilashri’s honey crystallize?
One of the honey myths is that crystallized honey is adulterated. The truth is the other way around. Crystallization is dependent on the type of flower the nectar was taken from (ratio of fructose and glucose) as well as the temperature in which the honey is stored. Eventually all raw honey will crystallize, when the temperature is below 30°C (that is why bees must keep the temperature in the hive at 36°C, so that the honey remains liquid). The size of the crystals that form also depend on the type of flower the honey is derived from. When the honey you buy never crystallizes, it has probably been adulterated (e. g. heated to a high temperature). If you do not like the crystals in KAPILASHRI’s honey, you can gently warm up the honey in its glass in warm water (not more than 40°C) and the honey will become liquid again.

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