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Kapilashri | Pure Food is Medicine

"We Love To Help Others, Prepare Food and Be Healthy. That is Why We Do What We Do."


KAPILASHRI is a startup company with the mission to provide you with high quality products at an affordable price. It was born out of the passion to create a trustworthy brand, which puts purity over profit maximization and sustainability over greed. 

My Story - Aditya Bhargava

A few years ago, I followed the vritta to go on the pilgrimage and have Darshan of Lord Ayyappa at the famous Sabarimala temple in Kerala. It is the tradition to offer ghee. I was trying to find purest ghee in the market to be offered to Lord Ayyappa.
However, it was either not affordable or the quality was unreliable. That’s when we went out ourselves to find a source of pure desi cow milk and a pure yoghurt culture. The first ghee made by KAPILASHRI was offered to Lord Ayyappa Swami at Sabarimala.

In my experience, service is the highest source to gain happiness. Before KAPILASHRI was founded, I helped people on how to eat healthy in order to be healthy. However, I faced the same obstacle. Whenever I was asked how to get such kind of products which I recommended, I didn’t know what to say, because I did not know whom to trust in the market. That’s when I started to go to the root and make products myself. It started with Vedic desi cow ghee. I had to search for a while in order to find a reliable source who collects milk in the nearby villages from the pure breeds. I found a beekeeper, who fills the honey from the hive into a container right in front of my eyes. At first I only provided these products to my family members and friends, who reported amazing improvements in their health. That’s when I decided to start KAPILASHRI as a business. The mission was immediately clear: to provide high quality products at an affordable price along with the knowledge on how to remain healthy.

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    Our Mission is to provide you with high quality at an affordable price. Join the pure food project!