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Pure Food Project

KAPILASHRI provides pure products for the right price. Select our products to improve your health and find out how it helps the environment. ​

Cultured A2 Ghee and Panchagavya

Your roti and subjee will experience a new dimension of deliciousness with our pure cultured A2 desi cow ghee. Boost your immune system and improve your health with the daily consumption of traditionally prepared panchagavya.

Raw unfiltered honey from the hive

Our honey is directly taken from the hive without undergoing any kind of processing. Enjoy honey in its purest form.
(See our information brochure on honey to learn more)

Hand pound castor oil for internal & external use

We use the traditional method of making castor oil that also allows the internal use. Only this way you gain the maximum benefit of the oil.

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Traditional Castor Oil goes through a long process, including: – Slightly roasting the castor beans – Handpounding the roasted beans – Boil them in water – Separating the oil from the water Only when the oil is extracted in this way, it will be safe for internal use. That is why most of the available…

Bulk option available. Please call us directly for enquiry.


Our Paneer is made in small batches based on preorders. It is simply made from our pure organic A2 Desi cow milk and lemon juice. No preservatives or other chemicals added.


Kapilashri’s Mustard Oil is cold pressed. The oil is directly extracted from the mustard seeds.

Organic A2 Desi Cow Milk from our own cows. Our Gaushala is located in Ratibad, Bhopal, MP. We have Gir, Sahiwal and local Desi breeds. Call to inquire! No shipping! Contact free delivery in glass bottles.


We make the khoa fresh from A2 Desi Cow milk only. Made fresh on demand. No preservatives or any other ingredients except milk.


Raw Organic Honey – Pure Food is Medicine * Natural Energy Source * High in Antioxidants * Promotes Weight Management * Immune system booster * A proven natural sleep aid * Natural antibiotic and wound healer Why is Kapilashri’s honey called “raw” and not “pure”? The most common labelling on honey packaging is ‘Pure honey’,…


Kapilashri’s Panchagavya is made using only the ingredients of Desi Cows. Regular consumption of Panchagavya supports the immune system. Start by consuming 5 ml on an empty stomach every morning (mixed in warm water, not hot). Over a period of 4 weeks slowly increase to 20 ml. A Vedic Gaushala is getting supported by Kapilashri…


Pure, granular, cultured Vedic Desi Cow Ghee (A2 only). Made with Bilona method.


"The moment I opened the bottle of their cow Ghee I knew this is the finest and purest Ghee available in the market today. It's a granular ghee, golden yellow in color and is very light. Since then I have tried many of their other products like Raw Honey, Castor Oil and Panchagavya. Each one of their products is unadulterated, pure and very inexpensive."
Jeet Pathak
Legal Officer
“In my search for the purest cow ghee I came across Kapilashri and ordered their Desi Cow Ghee and I must say in every terms it is really Desi traiditional cow ghee, amazing taste, pure and you can feel the difference in the quality of ghee..."
Upma Singh


Our Mission is to provide you with high quality at an affordable price. Join the pure food project!