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Pure Food Project

KAPILASHRI provides pure products for the right price. Select our products to improve your health and find out how it helps the environment. ‚Äč

Cultured A2 Ghee and Panchagavya

Your roti and subjee will experience a new dimension of deliciousness with our pure cultured A2 desi cow ghee. Boost your immune system and improve your health with the daily consumption of traditionally prepared panchagavya.

Raw unfiltered honey from the hive

Our honey is directly taken from the hive without undergoing any kind of processing. Enjoy honey in its purest form.
(See our information brochure on honey to learn more)

Hand pound castor oil for internal & external use

We use the traditional method of making castor oil that also allows the internal use. Only this way you gain the maximum benefit of the oil.

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